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How does energy work...well you know, actually work?

Updated: Feb 12

You might find yourself asking this question before your first session. I know I did. Believe it or not, we interact with energy every day. Your body is constantly reading, interpreting and giving you physical cues about the “unseen” energy we all have. Grab a mug of something warm and we can dive in for a quick chat.

Let me give you a few examples of regular, ordinary, everyday experiences with energy. Consider gut feelings and those moments when your intuition hits you with a "knowing." Somehow, you've picked up on something subtle and unseen and your body acknowledges this by sending you a matching signal of recognition.

The hair stands up on the back of your neck,

feeling a shiver travel up your spine while goose bumps dot your skin,

a buzzing of excitement that starts in your head and warms its way down to your toes,

a sinking feeling in your stomach warning you of what's to come,

being moved to tears,

walking into a room and being able to feel the tension,

From where I'm sitting, these are all examples of physical manifestations of energy exchanges.

Is it simply evolutionary? Is it proof of a soul? Is it the bridge between the physical world and the subconscious? Sure. Yes. No. Maybe? The truth is, I don't mind leaving you to draw your own conclusion and pick a concept that makes sense to you. We don't have to agree on what it is or where it comes from, but I will say we have seen this energy described and conceptualized across centuries and cultures. This energy goes by many names such as- soul, prana, aura, life force, chi or ki. No matter what you call it, you've got it. Your skin and bones are animated with a personal sense of consciousness. I think the energetic expression examples mentioned above are universally recognizable because our energy body and physical body are connected in a symbiotic relationship. (Somatic Therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine can be fantastic modalities to explore if you're looking to make a map of this relationship.) Because I believe in the connection of our energy body to our physical form, I also believe knowing how to heal and care for your energetic body can greatly benefit you as a whole and complete person.

Our intuition does the job of sensing the energy of people, our environment and other living things. Then our morals, held beliefs and boundaries help interpret that information and our physical body creates corresponding cues. I'm hoping these words are helping you to conceptualize an "invisible" thing because this is the place where energy work begins.

(I am going to leave those quotation marks around the word invisible because we can all learn to sense this energy in our own ways. But that's a blog post for another day.)

Many cultures have acknowledged a connection between the soul and body for centuries. The Healers in a community have always carried wisdom and medicine based in the belief that in order to be well, you must have knowledge of how to heal the whole person. Body and Soul. Overtime, societal norms and invasive religious beliefs have severed our understanding of the relationship between our physical body and energy body in the name of progress and a dominating desire to establish a single version of truth. We treat physical pain and illness by seeing a doctor without stigma, but many of us have lost the knowledge of basic ways to care for our Spirit or protect our Energy. Practitioners with this knowledge were often ostracized, outlawed and murdered. As we individually relearn the intricacies of this connection and care for our self holistically, we also begin to open up opportunities to collectively heal imbalanced systems within our families and communities.

(If that sounds interesting, you might enjoy a deep dive into the ideas suggested by quantum entanglement!)

Energy healing can be conducted in many forms. My sessions utilize Reiki, psychic abilities and nature based practices as a means to heal. My energy work sessions are always uniquely tailored to the needs of each client.

- Reiki is a Japanese healing technique used to relieve stress, blockages and discomfort by increasing vitality. I like to think of Reiki as the modality I use to connect to a universal and infinite energy. I act as a channel to pull this energy in and send it to my client, whether we are in-person or at a distance. I personally use Reiki as a foundation in my energy work sessions because of these two pillars:

  • Reiki does not cause harm.

  • Reiki does not go against the will of the person receiving it.

I have committed to also respect my clients in this way. I never seek to override the will, choice or autonomy of my trusted clients. We work together in setting the goals and parameters of their sessions. Although sessions can draw our attention to painful patterns or memories, it is always with the intention of bring necessary healing.

- Psychic abilities are the tool I use to see details about the energetic and physical body of my client. Some of the psychic work I do involves- seeing things in my mind's eye and with my physical eyes, hearing things in my mind as well as audibly, feeling things in my physical body and having a sense of knowing that produces information I can fact check with my client for evidence based accuracy. These abilities also give me insight beyond the present moment into ancestral wounding and held trauma. I always try to be very clear that energy work is not the same as a Mediumship reading because I will always center my client's needs in the session, but there are times where a client's deceased loved ones will come through to give information necessary to the work we are doing. When I am given greater insight to patterns and specific blocks, I pass that information on to my client and we decide together what action to take moving forward.

- Nature based healing works with the body's natural rhythms and connects to the healing found in Mother Earth and Father Sky. I believe there is wisdom and medicine to be found from working with the elements, plants and animals. I believe there are lessons held in nature that help point us toward ways to thrive. What was time telling us, before we started telling time? When necessary, I will use sound healing, crystals, occult/divination practices and plant medicine in sessions.

Energy work is an intimate process that can leave you feeling invigorated and vulnerable at times. I encourage all of my clients to work with a practitioner that feels safe and facilitates a session that aligns with your goals.

How was that? Not too heavy right? I tried to keep it light and digestible, but if this explanation left you with questions, you can always reach out for a free consultation call. Just click the button below to send me a message!

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