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How does energy work...well you know, actually work?

You might find yourself asking this question before your first session. I know I did. Let's break this down in a simple way. Grab a mug of something warm and we can dive in for a quick chat.

Believe it or not, we interact with energy every day. Your body is constantly reading, interpreting and giving you physical cues about the “unseen” energy we all have. Consider gut feelings and moments of blind intuition, so seemingly regular, you might overlook the intricacies of what is actually happening. Involuntary physical responses like: the hair standing up on the back of your neck, goose bumps, buzzing with excitement, a sinking feeling in your stomach or being moved to tears are all physical manifestations of energy exchanges. This energy goes by many names such as- soul, prana, aura, life force, chi or ki. No matter what you call it, you've got it. These experiences are universally recognizable because our energy body and physical body are connected in a symbiotic relationship. If one is left out of balance the other will follow suit.

Our intuition does the job of sensing the energy of people, our environment and other living things. Then our morals, held beliefs and boundaries help interpret that information and our physical body creates corresponding cues. I know it can be difficult to conceptualize an "invisible" thing, but this is the place where energy work starts. (I'm going to leave those quotation marks around invisible because we can all learn to "see" this energy. But that's a blog post for another day.) Because energy work is a modality that recognizes the connection between the physical and unseen, when we begin to respond to the imbalance of one we inevitably begin to heal both.

Many cultures have acknowledged a connection between the soul and body for centuries. Shaman, Witches, Medicine Men, Wise Women and Healers all knew that to be well you must have knowledge of how to heal the whole person. Body and Soul. Overtime, societal norms and invasive religious beliefs have severed our understanding of the relationship between our physical body and energy body in the name of progress. We treat physical pain and illness by seeing a doctor without stigma, but many of us have lost the knowledge of basic ways to care for our Spirit or protect our Energy. Practitioners with this knowledge were often ostracized, outlawed and murdered. As we begin to relearn the intricacies of this connection and care for our self holistically, we also begin to open up opportunities to heal humankind collectively. (If that sounds interesting, you might enjoy a deep dive into the subject of quantum entanglement!)

Energy healing can be conducted in many forms. My sessions utilize Reiki, psychic abilities and nature based practices as a means to heal. Energy work sessions are always uniquely tailored to the needs of each client.

- Reiki is a hands on Japanese healing technique used to relieve stress, blockages and discomfort by increasing vitality. I like to think of Reiki as my means of connection to a universal and infinite energy. I act as a channel to pull this energy in and send it to my client, whether we are in-person or at a distance.

- Psychic abilities are the tool I use to see details about the energetic and physical body of my client. These abilities also give me insight beyond the present moment into ancestral wounding and held trauma. When I am given greater insight to patterns and specific blocks, I can pass that information on to my client. This is also where I will ask your Ancestors and Guides for help.

- Nature based healing works with the body's natural rhythms and connects to the healing from Mother Earth. When necessary, I will use sound healing, crystals, occult/divination practices and plant medicine in sessions. We can connect to the specific knowledge and medicine of Spirits found in Nature.

I choose to operate with the intent to never cause harm and to not go against my client’s will. Energy work is an intimate process and I encourage all of my clients to work with a practitioner that feels safe and facilitates a collaboration that aligns with your goals.

How was that? Not to heavy right? I tried to keep it light and relatable, but if this short explanation left you with questions, you can always reach out for a free consultation call. Just click that button below to send me a message!

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