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Frequently Asked Questions

No. 1

How do I prepare for my Reiki session?

Preparing for a Reiki session is something of personal preference. Some people do nothing to prepare beyond making the appointment and others like to have a role in the direction and focus of their sessions. I would encourage you to do whatever practices allow you to connect to yourself and your higher power. (Prayer, meditation, journaling, sitting in nature, or anything else.) Take some time to decide if there are any specific areas you would like to work on during your appointment. Session topics can be broad, like anxiety, relaxation, or a desire for more laughter in your life. They can also be specific, like pinpointed traumas or goals.

No. 2

What will my distance Reiki session be like?

A distance Reiki session will start with a phone call where we will go over any specific areas you would like me to focus on in your session and you can ask any questions about what to expect of your distance healing appointment. We will then hang up, and you will lay or sit in whatever quiet and relaxing space you have prepared for yourself while I send you healing energy. When the session is over, I will call back to check in with you to answer any questions or talk about things you would like to share that the Reiki energy brought your attention to. ***This is not necessary for a successful session, but for reference, I like to lay on my bed or a yoga mat with a blanket and pillow in a dark room with a softly glowing salt lamp. I also enjoy quiet music to help keep my mind from wandering. The more comfortable and uninterrupted your area is, the more likely you are to have a good session.

No. 3

Does Reiki work the same in-person and at a distance?

Yes! My training includes sending Reiki energy from any distance. I can also psychically connect to clients at a distance to "see" them. All of the clients I have worked with from a distance say they can feel the Reiki energy flowing in ways that are unique and specific to them.

No. 4

Can Reiki work on something that happened in the past?

Yes, Reiki energy is able to pinpoint the start point of traumas or bad habits that you are ready to release. This can be helpful when you have been trying to heal, but just can't seem to move beyond a conditioned trauma response.

No. 5

Is Reiki a Religion?

No, Reiki is not a religion and can be beneficial to anyone regardless of belief. Energy healing acnkowledges the connection between the physical body and the unseen energy that animates all living things. Reiki seeks to balance energies for optimum personal health.

No. 6

Can Reiki help me make future decisions?

Absolutely! Reiki will often clear the path to help you hear your own intuition when making future decisions. It can also be set to a “timer” about a week in advance to begin flowing if you have an important meeting or situation that you would like to be protected or better equipped for.

No. 7

Can I receive Reiki while pregnant?

Yes! Reiki never acts against the client's will and never causes harm. I personally love working with pregnant people. I can often feel the separate energy of the baby, from my client. I can also sense when they are being supported by loved ones as the transition of birth draws near.

No. 8

Can Reiki help me recover from physical ailments or surgery?

Yes, there are even hospitals that employ a Reiki practitioner to prepare their patients for surgery and aid in recovery. There have been studies that show an increased blood flow to areas of the body treated with Reiki. It is also a great way to relieve nervousness or anxiety around surgery or illness.

No. 9

Can Reiki help me with bad habits?

Yes! We can add mantras and goals into our session to work on breaking the ties we have with specific bad habits.

No. 10

Is Reiki dangerous or capable of pulling up bad memories?

One thing to note about Reiki is that the healing energy can never work against your will. Additionally, Reiki can not cause harm. Reiki will not flow into areas that you have not (at the very least, on a subconscious level) given permission to be worked on. The nature of Reiki energy is to partner with the recipient and promote healing. The energy must abide by these laws.

No. 11

Who can hire a death doula?

Anyone! End of Life Doula's work with the young, old, healthy and termannly ill. A death doula helps their community cope with death at any stage. Providing practical education and emotional supporrt can help create a safe container to process the changes that death brings.

No. 12

Are death doulas the same as a funeral director or hospice worker?

While funeral directors, hospice workers and death doulas can work in conjuction with each other they are different. Death doulas offer emotional support and practical education before, during and after the dying process. Death Doulas do not provide medical care or conventional after-death body care, such as enbalming. In states that do not reqire a family to hire a funeral director for final disposition, a death doula can guide the family in understandingn their options of home vigils and home funerals.

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