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Death Work Services

What could be possible if we stopped viewing conversations around death as something to avoid out of fear and started embracing the truth that death is simply another part of life? Being supported during death can not only prevent the experience from turning into a traumatic event, but also create space for the shifts, the unknown and the unexplainable that surround death.

Our humanity reflects back this constant truth- "We must change in order to grow." We live on a planet where Night fades into Day and Winter melts into Spring. Our own cycles of Childhood give way to Adulthood and eventually Life begins to merge into Death. 

When we treat physical death as another inevitable and sacred transition, we can infuse the process with care, dignity, love and individuality. The role of a Death Doula is to honor the desires of their dying client and the family through this process.  


Sitting/Respite Care

$30 - $50 per hour

11th Hour Death Doula

$200 - $2,000 

Training the Family

$350 - $500 for body care and home funeral private family training.

Custom Ceremony/Ritual

$300 - $600 

Legacy Projects

$150 - $500 + supply costs depending on the project.

Grief Work

$50 - $100 per hour

Your death care should be as unique as you are. 

Whether you are in need of personalized education and planning, home funeral options, eco-friendly final disposition, legacy work, assistance laboring through death, body care, momentos or family grief work a death doula is here to hold your hand through the process. Because Death Work has such a wide scope of practice, I like to set up a consultation to give you a chance to get to know me and thoroughly communicate your wishes. Together we can determine what services are right for you and your family.

My goal is simple - meet the needs of my client in a meaningful way, so that their transition into death is filled with peace.

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