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My Story

Welcome to Embracing Wild!

My name is Alex Glynn. I am a Psychic, Reiki Master and Death Doula. I love walking with my clients through times of transition and helping them make peace with where they are, where they have been and where they will go.


I began my Reiki training in 2019 and instantly fell in love with the gentle and effective technique. I went on to complete my Reiki Master training at the end of 2020 and began training students in Usui/Holy Fire® III Reiki in 2022. Although I have experienced a supernatural connection since childhood, the more time and effort I dedicated to energy work, the more my psychic gifts grew. My experience as an Energy Healer allows me to serve clients with diverse goals that are deeply unique. While I can't help but feel gratitude toward each and every client I work with, I found that those who were grieving the loss of a loved one began to build something within me that was beckoning me toward death work. Delivering messages that let my clients know their loved ones essence still exists beyond the death of their physical body has been an incredibly profound experience. So when the opportunity to become a certified Death Doula presented itself in 2022, I jumped at the chance. Now I enjoy serving my client's in all stages of life, including death. 

Beyond work, I am married to a K9 Officer and we are parents to 3 really cool kids. I am a lover of deep conversations, stargazing by a fire, podcasts, books and all things spooky. I'm the person my friends call in the morning to interpret their dreams and I love it.


Whether clients are in need of relaxing energy work, insightful psychic readings or someone to help them navigate death, it is always my privilege and an honor to be invited into your sacred spaces. 

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My Approach

I treat every session as a collaboration with my client. While I do provide psychic insights and address energetic imbalances, we work together to set intended goals for your session. I love helping clients feel at ease with responsibility and empowered to choose their own “right” path. The work that we do together is sacred and can feel vulnerable. I work to create an environment that is always ethical and consensual. I let my client’s set the pace and scope of work for their sessions because my ability to psychically see will never supersede their autonomy. 


Emotional healing is rarely linear and often layered. Thus, there is no need to judge ourselves for where we are in the process. I like to remind my clients to trust whatever presents itself in the days before and during their session. When you set the intention to heal, the things that need your attention rise to the surface.

The Work

I help clients cultivate a practice of non-judgement toward any and all phases of their journey. My approach has a strong emphasis on shadow integration and gratitude for all of life's experiences. We do not need to fear the dark or the light, because both offer us meaningful lessons and a way back to ourselves.

In my work I've seen a prevailing and repeatable truth- Release is necessary for growth. Growth requires a willingness to continue evolving the ways we keep ourself safe and meet our needs. This evolution can feel difficult or even overwhelming at times, but the human experience is made up of ever-changing cycles. Attempts to stall change will create energetic blocks, fear and discomfort.

While these blocks are perfectly normal, they can reach a point where lack of release begins to hold us back. My clients experience freedom when they learn it is safe to accept the present moment, as it is. Whether you are experiencing a personal metamorphosis or your soul is preparing to transition out of the physical body, I help clients experience a deep sense of peace and meaning amidst the changes of life.

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